2011 - Stealth Jihad is Everywhere

MSA, MAS, CAIR and ICNA consolidated map

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in America is comprised of a multitude of Jihadist organizations. More than twenty-five such organizations were specifically named in the 1991 Muslim Brotherhood's "General Strategic Goal for North America" memorandum, which was submitted as evidence during the 2007 Holy Land Foundation Trial.

[Of course, the memo is around 20 years old now, so the list of stealth Jihadist organizations is certainly not exhaustive or current. For example, there is no mention of CAIR, because CAIR did not yet exist. Aside from the partially dated information, the memo serves as a very good starting point for understanding the scope, depth, and magnitude of stealth Jihad.]

The roots of the of all these groups can be traced back to the Muslim Student Association (MSA). It was in 1963 that the MB founded this first of it's Jihadist entities in America. Since that time, MSA has grown and went on to spawn new subversive organizations (including ISNA).

As the map of the MSA chapters clearly illustrates, the Muslims Student Association has matured into a thriving Jihadist conglomerate.

Eventually, I hope to have all MB affiliates in google maps. For the time being, I've documented CAIR, ICNA, and MAS below, in addtion to MSA above.

View MAS - Muslim American Society in a larger map

These few maps represent only four of the Brotherhood's many American affiliates, but even just these four clearly demonstrate the horrifying reality of the Muslim Brotherhood and stealth Jihad.

The reality is, the homeland has been infiltrated, the bad guys are everywhere, and America is completely consumed in subversive activity and stealth Jihad.

Homeland Security is a joke, the CIA and FBI have failed so miserably it's impossible to properly put into words, and America is in danger of being destroyed by Allah's ninja warriors.

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