Fatwa On Terror Camps in America

Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani

Sheik Mubarak Gilani first began establishing his Islamic compounds of higher Jihad training when I was still in diapers (1980). It has been more than three decades since Gilani began his earnest struggle against America. He has spent those last thirty (plus) years gathering his minions and training them for a bloody Jihad.

It really is quite astounding how little our national security apparatus does insofar as actually securing the nation. Billions and billions have been spent trying to secure the homeland from "terrorism" and it has bought us nothing. 

Homegrown Jihad - Christian Action Network

As a direct result of the subversive activities of stealth Jihadists, the constant belligerency of government officials, and a societal failure to recognize Islam "is" terrorism, a Pakistani Muslim and his followers have been allowed to construct terror training facilities all throughout the US while participating in terrorist attacks and committing crimes (map here).

Our top national security officials are clueless. They are trapped in a hell of tolerance and political correctness. Because of their precarious intellectual predicament, Gilani has been allowed to spend decades educating the Muslim hoards in the fine art of Islamic terrorism.

It can't be stressed enough, we are in an extreme level of danger because of our collective blindness, ignorance, and mass intellectual suicide (political correctness). We need to wake from our insanity or we will literally be destroyed. 

The most astonishing thing about the whole Islam mess is that we continue to inflict the problem on ourselves. We can stop stop the Jihad and end the threat of Islam. It's entirely possible to defeat the Prophet's ideology. We are America. All we have to do is admit that Islam is the problem.