Monday, May 14, 2012

Kuffar News

Now that the logo is complete, Kuffar News is ready for prime time...

Like Fatwa On Islam, Kuffar News grew out of necessity and as a response to the relentless efforts of allah's digital-Jihadi warriors to make life hell for me on Facebook. So, once again I have nefarious Muslims to thank for forcing me to adapt and create Kuffar News.


I don't know when you allah-addicts are going to catch onto the pattern, but it's clear and undeniable. You make problems for me on Facebook, get me kicked off or suspended, and I use my down time to figure out how to neutralize your ability to silence me. The end result is always that I get louder and become a bigger problem for Jihad.


If you have Counter-Jihad blog, feel free to send any new posts you'd like to see on Kuffar News to If you are a Jihad-news watcher, please also feel at liberty to send important stories to that same address. I won't promise everything sent will actually make it to Kuffar News, but I'll do my best, given the time I have, to get as much up as possible.

BTW, I maintain the right to not post something for any reason. And by sending to you implicitly agree to NOT bitch and complain if something you send doesn't make it up. ;)

There are numerous reasons why that might happen, and I honestly just don't have the time to explain "why" every time something doesn't get posted.

For anyone who would like to add Kuffar News to a blog or website the html code is below...

<iframe align="middle" width="300" scrolling="no" height="200" frameborder="0" src=";numberOfPosts=10&amp;title=Kuffar+News&amp;speed=5&amp;mode=normal&amp;width=300"></iframe>

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fatwa On Facebook: New Profile Page

Given that my current Facebook suspension came only 4 days after a previous month long banishment ended, it seems pretty clear my current FB profile is on the FB Digital-Sharia Enforcement Patrol's Shiite-list, and every minor infraction from now until eternity will result in an automatic month long suspension (at least). That being the case, it's time to move my FB and get a fresh set of "strikes".

It will take a while to get all my friends, subscribers, pictures, notes, and everything else moved over to the new profile. During that time, the "old" profile will be available. I actually intend to keep the profile until FB eventually deletes it. But, I don't plan on trying to keep the old profile updated after the current timeout comes to an end (16 days).

Truthfully, after having 2 previous profiles deleted by FB, both in much shorter periods of time, I'm surprised by how long this one has withstood FB-Jihad.

Please send a friend request and/or subscribe here.

PS. I've been incredibly busy and preoccupied with my day job and other issues over the last couple of weeks. I am behind on all of my Counter-Jihad related work because of it. But, the day job has settled down to it's typical low roar, the other issues have been resolved, and now I have time to try and play catch up.