Saturday, March 31, 2012

FEMEN Protests Sharia Law & Oppression of Women in Islam (by Getting Naked)

[Paris] - The Ukrainian feminist organization, FEMEN decided to protest Sharia Law and the treatment of women in Islam by picking up signs, throwing off their clothes, and taking to the streets on Saturday under the banner of Muslim women's rights.

For the benefit of Fatwa readers with moral/religious objections to naked women pictures, I've edited the nakedness out the protest images for this post. The uncensored pics are available here and video footage here (h/t Pulp Ark).

Note: If you have moral/religious objections to their tactics, please take a minute to consider that the naked chicks are at least taking the fight to Islam. It's easy to condemn them on moral grounds, but think about all the religious and "saintly" people laying around doing absolutely nothing but blabbering about church, religion, and the sins of their neighbors while all freedom is being slowly destroyed under the weight of a murderous and totalitarian doctrine born of Hell itself.

Even if you didn't look at the uncensored pics, I know what you are thinking fellas - Kuffar-Akbar! ;)

I was just about to publish this post when I had a pretty funny (and slightly depressing) thought. I'll bet the link to the "uncensored" Anti-Islam naked chicks pics will be the most clicked link on my blog ever. No matter what I do for all eternity going forward, even if I were to single-handedly thwart an exploding Muslim attack, nothing I ever post will get as much attention as the Anti-Islam chicks. I'm fairly certain that I've doomed myself to a life of second best on my own blog.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Fatwa On Freedom Fighter Radio

I had a chance to spend half an hour talking about a variety of Jihad related issues with Jim over at Freedom Fighter Radio. Among other things, we hit on the topics below. It's worth listening. I swear to allah you won't be bored. ;)


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Biggest Compliment Ever

Since I'm on Facebook restriction once again (this time for whole month), I've been spending some extra time on Twitter. In a way I'm kinda glad circumstances forced me to use Twitter because I've had some pretty interesting conversations with variety of muslims, leaving me with all sorts of things to write about. And I'm planning to write more about them in the near future, but for now I just wanted to post a tweet I received from what appears to be an Al-Shabaab affiliated Jihadist somewhere on the western half of Africa (as best as I can tell).

After a multi-day back and forth (still ongoing) that started off with the Jihadi informing me that my head would soon be separated from my body, the Muslim paid me the biggest compliment possible.

You are a 'good' kuffar, you dont have that sheep skin #HardcoreKuffar

Damn right. Hardcore Kafir and unapologetic American. Kuffar-Akbar!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Egypt Salafi MP Resigns After Carjacking Injuries Turn Out to be from a Nose Job

I don't think there's anything I need to add to this one except bwhahahahahaha stupid muslim ;)

(Cairo) - An Egyptian Salafi MP was forced to resign from parliament and from his party after claiming that he was injured in a carjacking, when he had in fact had a nose job, his party said yesterday.

A bruised and bandaged Anwar Al Bilkimy appeared on television last week saying how gunmen beat him and stole 100,000 Egyptian pounds (Dh61,000). But doctors and medical staff at a hospital in the Cairo suburb of Sheikh Zayed came forward and said that the MP, who belongs to the ultra-conservative party Al Nour, had in fact been undergoing rhinoplasty at the time.

In a statement on its Facebook page, Al Nour said its chief Emad Abdel Ghafur had gone to see Mr Bilkimy today and confirmed that the whole story had been "made up". Mr Bilkimy "has resigned from the party and from parliament," the party said. The MP is also to "offer a formal apology to the doctors at the hospital, the party, all members of parliament, the media, security forces and to all the Egyptian people," it said.

Egyptian prosecutors had launched an investigation into the affair, asking staff at the hospital to provide Mr Bilkimy's medical records and demanding a forensic examination.Mr Bilkimy's claims of an attack came as Egypt struggles with insecurity since a popular uprising toppled president Hosni Mubarak last year, with a rise in carjackings, robberies and violence on the streets. (source)

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Homicidal Muslims Absolved - Troops Guilty of Provoking Them

Homicidal Muslims have been rampaging through the streets assassinating American troops over some unintentionally burned books, and Mark Thompson (an obvious mental patient) has accused the troops involved in the accidental burning of having the "blood of U.S. soldiers on their hands". Disgusting.

Koran Burning: Pre-Judgment Day
by Mark Thompson

Reports from Afghanistan say five U.S. troops are likely to face punishment in connection with the Koran-burning at Bagram air base last week that triggered a spate of riots and the killing of six U.S. military personnel. Wrapping up the probe has been an urgent goal of the U.S. military since it happened. Along with apologies offered by everyone in the chain of command from President Obama on down, the thinking is this also might calm religious fervor.

But five troops (plus an Afghan-American interpreter)? That means one of two things, neither particularly pleasant:

1. That a group of that size was involved in the act of torching the Korans. If true, that suggests it might not have been a mistake.

2. More likely it means that superiors in the chain of command above those responsible for the act may be held accountable. That would be because their subordinates lacked the training they should have had to prevent this from happening.

One thing’s for sure: with the blood of U.S. soldiers on their hands, those involved have already been punished far more than military justice is likely to allow.

While this piece of garbage from has been the most egregious example of trying to absolve the psychotic Muslims by demonizing the troops (that I've come across so far), it really has been non-stop blame the troops from all sides for a couple days now. Afghan Clerics are predictably calling for their heads. Leftists have been playing "good dhimmis" and endlessly justifying the deadly rioting. Even the military has thrown the troops under the bus. I'll get it all posted as time allows tonight and this weekend.

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