Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why Are Some Muslims Peaceful?

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Why are some Muslims peaceful?
  • Because Islam means peace and militants have perverted Islam.
  • Because some muslims are just lazy or confused, and the others are following their prophet's own subversive modus operandi...

In the beginning of Muhammad's insanity, there were few Muslims. The earliest Muslims were peaceful only because, for obvious reasons, they could not be ouright belligerent from the get-go. As Muhammad grew in strength, so grew his insanity. One of the most famous Muslim Brotherhood theologians to ever live, Sayyid Qutub, in particular grasped Muhammad's original methodology.

In his book, Milestones, Qutub explains the various "stages" of bringing an Islamic society into existence in a nation that is in a state of "jahili" (ignorance of the guidance from allah) .

A few excerpts from Milestones...

"In Mecca the Muslims were not autonomous, nor did they have any influence in the society. Their practical life had not taken a permanent form so that they could have organized themselves according to the divine Law (al-shari`ah); hence no regulations and laws were revealed to them by God."

"Later, when an autonomous state came into existence in Madinah, general laws were revealed and that system came into existence which satisfies the needs of a Muslim community, and the power of the state was behind its enforcement."

"When the number of Believers reaches three, then this faith tells them; "Now you are a community, a distinct Islamic community, distinct from that jahili society which does not live according to this belief or accept its basic premise." Now the Islamic society has come into existence (actually). These three individuals increase to ten, the ten to a hundred, the hundred to a thousand, and the thousand increase to twelve thousand-and the Islamic society grows and becomes established. During the progress of this movement, a struggle would already have started within the jahili society."

This is the core theology behind civilization/stealth Jihad. This is what is meant by Creeping Sharia. It's a war of subversion right now. As time goes on, the violence will increase.

This is what the Muslim Brotherhood (MB is the largest Muslim organization in the world by far) groups like CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MAS, MSA, and many more are trying to accomplish in America.

The subversive ideology of stealth/civilization Jihad is the "religion" of the Muslims on TV running their mouths about Islamophobia. Make no mistake, Muslims are trying to destroy the west from within and replace it with the horrors of Islam.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rivers of Blood

This post began as a status rant on my Facebook page. Many people shared the status and there were lots of comments. I figured it would be worth putting up with links to the various things I was ranting about. Feel free to subscribe to me on Facebook here. I rant with some frequency and not everything makes it to the blog.

Ignoring the problem of Islam doesn't make it go away. Pretending it doesn't exist only makes it worse. And, if the country stays in a state of suicidal-denial long enough, it will lead to a literal hell in America, complete with rivers of blood.

A few things to consider...

Our country has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). The MB is the largest Muslim group in the world. They have been in America since the 1960's, and have a stated mission of waging a "grand Jihad" and "eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers".

Brotherhood operatives have made it all the way up to the level of presidential adviser. And the Department of [No] Homeland Security gave them access to our secrets, which they were caught leaking.

Not only have the Islamists injected themselves into our government and national security apparatus, they have organizations on college campuses, from sea to shining sea, indoctrinating and deceiving the next generation (setting up future subversive operations).

In addition, they are out in the media reinforcing the false narrative of Isamophobia, and disseminating misinformation via the "news" on a constant basis. They have also taken up residency in communities in just about every state in the union, where they pervert the narrative about Islam and purposefully confuse the issues at hand..

We have nearly 3 million Muslims in America. Based on a recent Pew survey, out of the those here already, there are roughly 825,000 who do not denounce Al-Qaeda. If distributed evenly across America, that is 1 immediately suspect and possibly explosive Muslim for every 4.5 square miles in the country. And there are known terror training camps in more than 20 states in America.

Islam is a blood-thirsty totalitarian cult hell-bent on subjugating every man, woman, and child in the brutal and oppressive demands of Sharia. Islam has been a bloody horror for 14 centuries, hundreds of millions have been slaughtered for the terrorist god allah over those (roughly) 1400 years, and our government tells us "Islam is a religion of peace".

The precept of the koran is, perpetual war against all who deny, that Mahomet is the prophet of God. The vanquished may purchase their lives, by the payment of tribute; the victorious may be appeased by a false and delusive promise of peace; and the faithful follower of the prophet, may submit to the imperious necessities of defeat: but the command to propagate the Moslem creed by the sword is always obligatory, when it can be made effective. -John Q. Adams

The short of it is, there are enough exploding-Jihadis, subversive Islamists, and useful idiots in America to throw the whole country into a state of utter chaos, but not yet enough to take us out with force. That means there is time to stop them.

Muslims have come here to destroy us. They are having some spectacular successes in many ways. And just by breeding alone they will someday have enough to take over the entire world... The Jihadists aren't waiting on birth alone, but even if that's all they had, eventually they would win (in spirit of full disclosure, some dispute the demographics issue)

The war can be won, even with the deck stacked against us like it is already. However, the full magnitude of danger must be recognized and the enemy must be clearly defined.

To be clear, the enemy is Islam and it must be destroyed.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Hysterics From the Morons Pushing the Islamophobia Myth

Other than Football, I hardly ever watch TV. For whatever reason, last night I felt the need for some mindless entertainment, so I flipped it on after the kids went to bed. After idiotic-hilarity filled episodes of Sponge Bob and King of the Hill, I found myself flipping through the guide channel in search of more brainless idiocy...

While it wasn't exactly what I had in mind, I did find one of the most alarmingly brainless shows that has ever been produced. Last night, Current TV's Vanguard was featuring an episode on Islamophobia.

The show was an hour long assault on all that is rational. I nearly stroked out after watching only about 5 minutes of the relentless insanity. Below is the trailer and another video with some additional scenes (when I can get the whole episode I'll post it).

Note: Their videos seem to be intermittent today. They are having some sort of technical problem.

Islamophobia is a myth and false narrative being propagated by Muslims and reinforced by useful idiots. I have written on the subject twice before and even talked about it on Tyranny's Nemesis. I encourage people to read, listen and share.

The faux hate crime of Islamophobia is an especially insidious attack on the psyche of Americans. It plays on fears of being called "intolerant", "bigot", or "racist", and attempts to silence those who dare speak out against the dangerous cult of the child raping prophet.