Thursday, June 16, 2011

Letter to Congresswoman Richardson (re: Muslim Radicalization Hearings)

Some people don't believe the left can be reached and made to see the truth about Islam. I "hope" otherwise, because if they can't be reached the only possible long term outcome is a bloody civil war. 

Muslims simply will not stop trying to kill Americans and they will not cease in their efforts to destroy America. If left to "play out" naturally (on our present course), eventually, it will come to a point where there will be no non-violent options remaining.  

At that point, there will only be two sides that matter. There will only be only the side of "Islam and Muslims", or on the side of "not letting them destroy the country from within". It would be far better to get all "infidels", regardless of political affiliation, on the side of not letting the Muslims claim America for allah and avoid such an unfortunate situation altogether.  

It's just fact that the left often works hand-in-hand with Jihadists, but a lot that is because they've been completely indoctrinated with Islamic deception and propaganda. The left has been purposefully targeted and many of them advocate for their own demise in total ignorance. 

The level of effort it takes to reach the left and the seemingly impossible mission it can feel like when engaging them can make it "seem" like it can never be done. But I firmly believe any non-suicidal person wants to know that a group of people are trying to kill them.

At the end of the day, the deck is stacked against ever getting through to the left. However, it's certain that there is no chance of any change if no one tries. It's that point of view which made it reasonable for me to spend a little time at least "trying" to reach Congresswoman Richardson.

Last night, I sent the following via her Congressional office. I've reformatted a few things just for the sake of presentation and readability. 

Congresswoman Richardson,

It has been widely reported that you've accused Congressman King of being "racist" for conducting the Muslim radicalization hearings. Allow me to point out something which appears to have escaped your grasp. "Muslim" is not a race.

Furthermore, Americans can not "tolerate" a supremacist theo-political belief system, costumed as a religion, invading our country for the purposes of destroying it.

YES we must blame Muslims as a group, because it's their hell spawned prophet and their book of murderous hate which compel them to engage in subversive activities and commit atrocities.

I don't believe you know anything "real" about Islam, and for the sake of our country, please learn. Please stop defending those who wish to bring about the destruction of America.

Islam terrorizes, conquers and will dominate if left unchecked. It's been the same for 1400 years, dating back to the days of Muhammad. It's all written in the Qur'an and Hadiths.

The inherent goal of Islam is to consume the earth in Sharia Law. Yes, lying is allowed (Taqiyya/Kitman), and used extensively today to work toward attaining those ends.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been here since the 1960's toiling away and sowing the seeds which will eventually lead to the destruction of America (and are bearing fruit today). That's just the truth.

Muslim Brotherhood in America and Homegrown Jihad

(1928) Birth of the Muslim Brotherhood
(1960's) Infiltration into America
(1980) Gilani's first Jihad center  
(today there are over 30 in 22 states)
(1982) MB world-wide Jihad strategy
(1991) Civilization Jihad

Also, in 2001, a Muslim Brotherhood created group (Al-Qaeda), exploded almost 3000 people in America. That's just one part of the war and "violent" Jihad is just one facet of their long term strategy. Political and social Jihad are a few notable, and thus far successful, additional strategic initiatives.

It's all in an effort to destroy us...

The Ikhwan (Muslim Brother) must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and "sabotaging" its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions. -Muslim Brotherhood (1991)

I have spent the better part of the last 15 months, donating all my spare time, researching and compiling information about Islam. It's all 100% fact based and true. I started off under the nonsense belief that Islam is a religion of peace. In fact, I was an active duty US Marine on 9/11 (never saw combat) and up until last year I was under that delusion.

As of Today, I've thoroughly studied Islamic text, history, and today's Muslim activities on a world-wide basis. I know Islamic apostates and "infidels" from all around the world. I've had death threats from American Muslims (which required FBI consultation). And I know the truth about Islam.

I'm a software engineer/programmer and development manager as a profession. I'm also a single dad of two boys under 10 years old. Clearly, I'm not some deranged conspiracy lunatic running around crowned with a tinfoil hat.

I know precisely what I'm talking about (in total). Please learn more.

Thank you,

Jarrad Winter

Fatwa On Islam
Defend Freedom

Friday, June 10, 2011

Deborah Dupre - Stumbling Around Drunk On Stupidity

I just wanted to take a minute to respond to an article about Fatwa On Islam and the Defend Freedom Protests written by the's Debrah Dupre. 

In addition to being mostly incoherent from beginning to end, the wholly irresponsible article [Nationwide July 4 Protests could fuel racial violence] makes many absurd statements and guesses about the Defend Freedom Protests, Fatwa On Islam, and me personally. Some of what was written even has the potential to draw unwarranted negative attention from law enforcement. 

Ms. Dupre makes a claim that I am calling for a violent revolution and (of course) attempts to paint me with the racist brush. The article also insinuates that I conduct my supposedly racism-fueled campaigns under the cloak of anonymity and further speculates that the Defend Freedom Protest Facebook pages, Defend Freedom blog and Fatwa On Islam are operated by some guy named "MrTakeBackAmerica".  

For whatever reason, she has decided that Pulp Ark's chip-in widget (bottom right of this blog) has something to do with "the owner's three kids moving to Australia and away from the Islam influence".  I only have two kids, and I'm staying in America for life. But you can help out Pulp, who is one of my apostate friends living in a Muzz country, get away from the lunatics and move to Australia (via that particular widget). 

It is pretty funny that throughout the entirety of her belligerent article the obviously intellectually malnourished Ms. Dupre seems to communicate a keen interest in putting her investigative journalism skills to good use and appears to want to track down the shadowy figure behind all the coming violence and racism (aka Defend Freedom Protests). 

I can only assume an extraordinarily low IQ is to blame for her not simply clicking on the link labeled Jarrad Winter (on the right hand side of this blog),or the link labeled "Jarrad" on the Defend Freedom blog and solving the "mystery" in short order. 

It's just as easy to find me and the other organizers by simply visiting the Defend Freedom Facebook pages (which were referenced in the Examiner article) and looking at the "page owners". The admins are listed on every single one of the over 50 Facebook pages dedicated to the July 4th Defend Freedom Protest Events.  

Hopefully, after reading this, Deborah will no longer find herself at a loss with regards to my identity. I've even included a picture at the top of this post to assist in the effort.

As to the intellectually bankrupt racism charge:

It's an incontrovertible scientific fact that "Muslim" is not a race. Muslims are those who willingly follow the teaching and commandments of Muhammad. The ideology laid out by Islam's founder is rooted in deception, hatred, and deadly violence. The spread of Islam throughout the world is a direct consequence of brutal oppression through bloody horror.

From start to finish, the Islamic insanity is the direct result of a murderous life example provided by one of the most psychotic and perverted individuals to ever roam the planet (Prophet Molester, the child rapist).  Islam is a virus that plagues the whole of humanity today, just as it has for the past 1400 years. 

There is no redeeming feature in Islam. It's unequivocally barbaric and has been a relentless force in direct opposition to all freedom since the days of Prophet Genocide. Islamism is nothing less than Nazism with Muhammad as the Fuhrer. It will not change, because it cannot change. Otherwise, it would no longer be Islam (according the very lunatic who dreamed up the Islamic nightmare).

He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors. -Thomas Jefferson