Friday, September 30, 2011

Fatwa's Campaign For Herman Cain

Update: I have withdrawn my support of Herman Cain. The sex scandals allegations were not the reason. His foreign policy knowledge proved to be lacking in some specific areas that are important to ending the Jihad.

In a recent post, I laid out my reasons for supporting Herman Cain. As part of Fatwa's support for Herman Cain, a Facebook page has been created. Fatwa's Campaign For Herman Cain currently contains a couple articles and bunch of videos. I've posted videos of Cain speaking on his 9-9-9 plan, the Federal Reserve, "stupid people", his "common sense bus tour", some of his statements about Islam, and other things as well. Please join the page and have a look what he has to say.

Also, please keep in mind that no candidate will ever be perfect. They will all screw up, make bad calls, and generally be human like the rest of us. I realize where Cain has not been perfect on what I consider the most important issue of the day (Islam). However, from the list of contenders, I think he has the best "attitude" of the bunch to take on Islam. He once said about people being outraged by his comments on Islam, "As my grand father used to say, 'I does not care'".

At the end of the day, Cain clearly understands creeping Sharia and has the right general outlook on the Islam situation. My read of him says, he is someone that can be trusted to do what he believes is right, trusted to tell you what he believes, and he could careless about political correctness. Those are all refreshing thoughts, considering what's going on in politics these days.

Fatwa's slogan for Cain...

Let's all gang up and beat Obama with a Cain for what he's done to America!

I will also be talking about Herman Cain on tomorrow's edition of Tyranny's Nemesis. Listen, call, and help fight back!

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